1. My Journey to Aber Falls and Beyond

Each stride I take over the wet slabbed steps,
Water gushes out from the weight I carry;
Dragging my dark grey shirt with the feeling
Of discomfort.
Not to mention the intense ache in my
For each step I take is equivalent
Of that to a hike up the Himalayas,
Or for what it felt like momentarily.
Tears of Mother Nature veil my face,
Vision limited from the fog settling
Down with nothing but the roaring sound
Guiding me home.
Louder and louder it gets with my vision reforming at the last stretch - here I am...
The roar was no louder than a pin drop. The downfall was no fiercer than water running from the tap. One foot in and two, twinkling my toes around as the ice-cold water sends reflective impulses down my spine. However, the mesmerising beauty captivates my soul regardless of my conscious mind. Hearing my mother yell at me in the back of my head -
“You’re going to get sick”
“Get back here”
“It’s no good for you”
“Why don’t you ever listen”
All to which I disregard; my mind set on one thing only.

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