2. The Storm Befell Aber Falls

The wind’s howl was louder than my ears could bear.
Raindrops flooding the plunge pool,
Where water fell harder every now and then.
The sound was unbearable,
Sound I once found comfort in.
Where was the tranquillity?
Where was the sublimity?
I knelt down on the exact same wet slabbed steps.
And again, water gushed out from the weight I carried.
I dragged my dark grey shirt with the feeling of discomfort,
And stood up tall on the very thighs that ached intensely.
I remember.
I remember the journey.
The hell like journey I took,
To reach the transcendent destination.
Memories of the reward.
The reward of experience.
My will enables me to remain through the hail, rain, thunder, lightning,
Tornado, tsunami, earthquake, and eruptions.
Because whenever the world feels like its ending,
I’ll still be here.
Through the dark, through the light, I am here.
I am present.

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