She’s the warm fire, Burning the wooden logs, Igniting the room, With her presence.   The sweet cup of hot chocolate, Dampening away, The winter chills, That the seasons have brought.   She protects you like mittens, When you’re outside in the snow, Making snowmen and angels, With friends and family.   Her warmth brings... Continue Reading →


Absurdity between two people, I say, is the truest form, Of love you could ever fathom.   I say. Treasure it like gold. Before the pirates scavenge it, From your clutches.   For when it’s gone, it’s gone. Unless you reignite the flame, To bring clarity to your vision.   It's connection.

To Me and You

I am sorry. We had some conflict, I just want you to know, You’re the most beautiful woman, That life has ever known.   Your heart is so pure. Yes, you made mistakes, But don’t we all? It’s time you finally wake.   I am sorry.   You were the north star, Guiding me home.... Continue Reading →

I Am Me

I am me. Perfectly sculpted, A few dents here and there. But that is me.   I am me. The way I talk, Through my mishaps. But that is me.   I am me. When I scrunch my nose, And snort when I laugh. But that is me.   I am me. When I trip... Continue Reading →


I was torn in the winter breeze, When the rain would shred my petals off. I found sublimity in the chaos. Happiness in the torture.   Now I grow my petals to be so ripe, For them to bloom in spring showers. Photosynthesising under the sun. Exchanging sorrows for sweet cherry pies.   Who knows... Continue Reading →


In this pandemic, My thoughts trace back to you. Isolation was not unknown to me. Yet all I can say in this moment of time. Is how I miss the tone of your voice. The gentleness of your lips. Care you nurtured me with. The games we’d play. Jokes we’d laugh, Until we cried. Time... Continue Reading →

2. The Storm Befell Aber Falls

The wind’s howl was louder than my ears could bear. Raindrops flooding the plunge pool, Where water fell harder every now and then. The sound was unbearable, Sound I once found comfort in. Where was the tranquillity? Where was the sublimity?   I knelt down on the exact same wet slabbed steps. And again, water... Continue Reading →

The Black Cobra

The lustrous scales absorb the heat Reflect the rays of Satan’s fire To pacify its cold-blooded nature; You would never look to it for comfort. Slithering against the current of the wind, Tackling every obstacle with fury, Striking foreigners with fear and fascination - my gaze submits defeat nonetheless For the scales of death are... Continue Reading →

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