It was electric   Cable heads caressing my face, connected to the heart, by wires infiltrating the core - this desirable utility holds the world in the flat yet rounded screen - you can struggle and resist but submit nonetheless - Controlled by the rectangular plastic device turning it On Off On Off On Off... Continue Reading →

Smile Please?

I’m infatuated by your cluster of pearls captivated by the coral reef. The way they gleam when the sunlight reflects on the perfectly sculpted surface. There’s not enough force in the world to break through the layers of heavenly silk coated on top of each other. The impenetrable coral containing such fortune withstands any force... Continue Reading →


I fell in love with them.   Containing the magnitude of a black hole - the endless gravity pulling me in where no matter or time exists. They carry a weight too heavy that earth itself has no choice but to orbit around them. They're the gold that miners desperately try to grasp from the... Continue Reading →

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